Welcome to GLAMAFONE! I’m so glad you stopped by to know more.

Long gone are the days when shopping online was considered alien. The ever shrinking gap between fashion and technology has posed new challenges for the fashion entrepreneur. From scaling up their online business to showcasing their products in the best light on the digital interface, running e-businesses has kept their owners on their toes. Especially if you are a Fashion house, translating the glamour online can be a complex challenge. That’s where GLAMAFONE steps in. I have carefully crafted digital and fashion marketing services and made it affordable to small businesses, so that way new designs will get a breath of life each day.

As the Founder, it is my responsibility to bring you the best service that will propel your brand forward. I believe, as an Engineering Graduate & qualified Fashion Designer, my unique mix of skills can help propel your digital fashion boutique. I equally know how to stylize a Fashion Editorial shoot as much as I know my way around e-commerce website development. With an eye for colour and aesthetics and a taste for perfection, your fashion business is in safe hands with us.

GLAMAFONE is small, but powerful. Know that when you hire GLAMAFONE, you are actually hiring women from the Women Win program and empowering their financial independence. They have made their passion their strength. I ensure only the best work passes out of the team and me. What we cannot deliver, we will never promise. But what we do, will turn it right up for you.


Sindhu Keshavamurthy