What is GLAMAFONE all about?

GLAMAFONE is a digital brand management studio for small fashion businesses and independent designer labels. This means our team is concerned about building a brand for your fashion line as well as handling digital marketing operations for your business on the internet. GLAMAFONE has combined fashion marketing and digital marketing in unique ways to serve small fashion businesses online end-to-end. So whether it is Fashion Photography that you need or Facebook marketing, GLAMAFONE can help.  (Check out our full range of services here.)

Is GLAMAFONE right for my business?

GLAMAFONE believes in the power of small businesses and the uniqueness it can bring to the society. But the drawback is that small fashion houses do not have the budget to compete with the big players when it comes to marketing. Hence GLAMAFONE is committed to serve small fashion businesses. Also, all our services are tailored to the Fashion industry and much of our team is educated in Fashion. Thus GLAMAFONE is right for your business if it:

-is an independent design label or a fashion/lifestyle boutique

-sells tangible goods and has(or proposes to have) an online store.

-needs an entire digital marketing team but cannot have one right now.

-has just started, and needs to build a brand and online presence.

-is not an online marketplace, but really owned by unique creators.

What is the difference between the Express Packs & Boutique Services.

GLAMAFONE has tailored its services to suit the myriad needs of online fashion stores.

Express Packs are services that you are going to require on a regular basis. For real online success you have got to partake in certain digital marketing efforts which GLAMAFONE will look after for you month-on-month if you subscribe to it. These are mostly digital marketing services which are bundled in convenient packages so you can subscribe to just what you need. This takes off one major task from your to-do list and frees up enormous time to manage your business.

Boutique services are customized professional services that is undertaken exclusively for your business. There are specific requirements that you will tell us, and we plan the entire service around that. These are completed as projects, are of long durations, and is usually a one-time affair. These services are mainly related with branding of your business and gives a major boost to your fashion brand. You can see returns over a long period of time for this investment.

Who will be handling my projects?

Whichever service you opt for, you will have only one point of contact with GLAMAFONE through your service manager. The service manager will ensure the correct team members handle your project and will be responsible to deliver your project to you on time. In some scenarios, you may get to communicate directly with the professionals handling your project, but that may not be required as such.

We have special requirements which is not mentioned in your services; can you still execute it for us?

We would be happy to help you any way we can. Our team is built around what small fashion businesses would ideally need.  However, if your special requirements can be fitted within the time available and skills of our team members, (or other skilled freelancers in our network) there is no reason why we cannot do it for you. It is best to contact us to know exactly how much we can do for you.

How long does a project usually take?

Since each boutique service is customized, it really depends on how much needs to be done. But the smallest of the smallest project can take anywhere up to 3-5 business days and larger projects can extend beyond a month. But there’s nothing to worry, as before the start of every project (after the initial discussion), we will give you a breakdown of estimated duration and cost of your project. Trust us, an organized & planned project is always fun to do!

How do I know which is the best service for me?

You can ask us! If you are new into the e-commerce business, and all you know is that you want visibility of your e-store or grow sales, just start a conversation with us. We will guide you to exactly what you need (and let us tell you, you do not need everything at once) and you can act step-by-step to grow your business. All of GLAMAFONE’s services are specifically tailored to fashion e-commerce businesses, so you cannot go wrong with us!

What all payment options does GLAMAFONE provide?

Currently, we offer pay by credit card, pay by Paypal  or pay by wire transfer/ net banking. See here for more details.

What is the pricing of GLAMAFONE's boutique services?

As each Boutique/Customized service will require different amounts of time, it is hard to predict the costs before hand. Every project is priced on the time it consumes and other factors. We also price it keeping in mind your budget and business size and how much ROI it will yield. You can expect Fashion Photography and Website Development to be on the expensive side. Branding and Plan-A-Campaign are affordable. The other services cost pretty less and will go higher depending on the complexity of the end product required. We do provide a quotation for your project after initial discussion and before initiating any work, so everything is really transparent here at GLAMAFONE.

Do you have any contracts for your services?

No, we do not bind our clients to our services. For our Express services, you can subscribe anytime, for any number of months and cancel at any time! And we trust that for our Boutique services, you will be satisfied enough to come back a second time.

What if I want to select more than one EXPRESS pack for my business?

Some businesses may require a combination of two EXPRESS packs to get full impact. At this time we also allow you to customize your own express pack, wherein you can pick up tasks from any of the EXPRESS packs and make your own. Contact us for pricing details of services you’re interested in.